Sometimes the most unexpected places steal your heart

Sometimes the most unexpected places steal your heart

The white parts are the only ones that we have not visited

Since we sold our home and made RV life our norm our house on wheels spent a year roaming south of the border. While our Mexico map isn’t filled and we haven’t had a chance to explore every state we soon found our favorite destinations and got to realize how bad of a rap this country has had.

Flying a kite at sunset

Traveling in a 35 feet RV pulling a toad on a dolly seems daunting and scary for many.
On our travels we met lots of Europeans, Canadians and very few American the more we turned south. Making stops by some of the highly recommended places we soon found out they were no necessarily ours as well.
Sadly just like in other parts of the world some of the towns get overtaken by foreigners, crowding out locals and loosing all of its authenticity.
These places might retain their beauty, but were not for us.
You feel the energy shift not just in the areas but in the people.
We loved navigating rural, small places, diving into culture, experiences without obnoxious vacationers. Loved swapping stories of hidden gems and discoveries with fellow travelers who truly appreciated the wide range of magestic places Mexico has to offer.
One of the many gems we came across was in Oaxaca. A small town, by the Pacific Ocean. Totally by accident we found ourselves in Zipolite.

Playing at the beach

Staying at a former mango farm surrounded by tamarind, cashew, lime, coconut and other fruit trees we soon found ourselves in one of our favorites locations.
While other might think it’s shocking to stay in a place that is a host to nudist festivals and a nudist beach we settled into our quiet life happily. Finding lots to do that taught us about the surrounding beaches, their history, the wonderful foresight of people who restored the area after a natural disaster and so much more.
Disclaimer : we are not nudist, but originally from Europe where toplessnes is a norm.
Both myself and my husband teach our son that bodies are just bodies. There are no shock seeing any bits on the beach. We call all body parts their proper names and besides that how important is it to take care of yourself.
No one ogled each other. We all came to enjoy the sun, waves and the quiet.
It took our sweet boy three day before he even noticed that some of the sunbathers were naked. Which prompted him to take his swimming trunks and rash guards off and keep boogie boarding. This was short lived, as he declared its more comfortable to do that in swimmies.

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