Are you in it???

Are you in it???

Arches National Park

Just read a recent article, and wish I have saved it about mom’s taking pictures of their families and hardly, if ever being in themselves.
I was absolutely new to Instagram, when we set out and chose to use it as a travel log. Posting seldom, because one part of me is weary of how social media works, showing only the immaculate moments and shying away from reality.
As we continue our RV adventures this article just fueled my train of thought which has been pestering in my mind and the hard realization that has dawned on me fairly recently. In Zion Natinal Park while checking out a view, a kind stranger, unpromted, offered taking our snapshot as a family. The joy I felt looking back at that special day we spent roaming also brought me to the sad reality looking back at our digital log.

I was missing.

We are thinking about printing some of our favorite images and honestly most will be about scenery and my boys.
I try snapping unposed, inpromtue moments, sneaking out my camera, but the last second our funny 8 years old somehow will stick his tongue out, make a face.
Some do come out comical and as much as it would be lovely to have a “perfect” unposed family picture this is what we have to remember our special moments.

I am OK with that, it embodies the silliness of this age. How easily they laugh, become comedians themselves.
Since Zion, I have asked my husband to take pictures of me in these majestic places we visit and with our little guy, and even taking advantage of his long arm to snap a picture or two of the three of us together. I don’t want to be missing anymore.
I am looking ahead to these shared memories when we go down memory lane and remenice how special this time was and finding myself in our pictures too.

Double Arch
Grand Canyon

Are you one of the missing? Or the sole one documenting your travels? Have you thought about including yourselves? Are you one of the kind strangers taking pictures of others, recognizing how important it is to have mom in the shot too?

Thank you for reading and try not shying away from the camera any more. I bet your face lights up your pictures too.

Much love, safe travels!


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