Back on the road

Back on the road

After a whole month in a brick and mortar home we are back in our RV.

Housesitting can be a lot of fun.
We really enjoy how we get to spread some extra love to some other furry creatures other than our own and also enjoy the small comforts of a home like a tub to soak in and an oven to create delicious treats we can’t in our RV oven. Having a bit more space to spread out and play without constantly putting toys away, room for bigger ongoing art projects was sure a win for all.

We have particularly loved staying in the Chino valley despite their cold snap this past month. Not going to lie the sprinkle of snow one morning was a surprise.
Very quickly we got the hang of the ranch life. As usual we devided and conquered. Our little guy lending a helping hand too. Walking Sundance, feeding treats to Denali, playing with the dogs.

His love of creatures big and small doesn’t surprise me at all. It only took us a week looking after two beautiful horses for him to declare that one day he would like to have one too. They felt his gentle heart and took to him as quickly as he did to them.
Leaving was hard. How often does one gets to walk a 33 year old gentle giant on a lead on a beautiful morning walk?

How often do we get to pick thistle by the road knowing it’s one of the favorite treats to our new friends?

Traveling gives us these precious memories and experiences that otherwise we might not have had a chance to experience.
For us the quiet rural life felt like a breath of fresh air just in time after faster traveling in the States. Taking in sunsets with magnificent views. Silence to surround us, that is only interrupted with the quail males calling for females. Spotting foxes crossing the road, dear jumping, rabbits and hares darting as they spotted us coming and going. Seeing coyote scat, letting us know of their presence.

Snuggling with two lovable pups, spoiling them like they were our own sure filled our hearts.

Now slowly we will get our RV legs back and explore more with renewed enthusiasm and energy.

Has there been any experience that you found unexpectedly during your travels?

Is there something you got to do that you would not have at home?

I would love to hear your takeaway on housesitting if you did that somewhere.

Till next time!

Thank you for reading.


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