Ungrateful? Entitled? Clueless? Your teen NEEDS Worldschooling…

Ungrateful? Entitled? Clueless? Your teen NEEDS Worldschooling…

Worldschooling is not optional. It’s NECESSARY.

In today’s global, divided, fast-changing, and sometimes confusing world, our children need it more than ever. They need experiences that:

❥ help them think beyond their own little problems and their own little corner of the world
 ❥ open their mind and expand their awareness
 ❥ help them develop empathy and compassion
 ❥ teach them about culture, people, places, religions, and beliefs that are not their own
 ❥ teach them to value life and especially, the ‘goodness’ and ‘easiness’ of their life — aka REALITY CHECK!
 ❥ help them become leaders and to want to positively impact their community and the world
 ❥ challenge them on a level that’s not possible from the comfort of home

My husband and I have traveled to 35+ countries with our seven children for the past 12 years. It’s worth ANY COST for us to create experiences that mold our children’s views on life.

That life principle is behind EVERY ‘curriculum’ we use, every interaction we have, every experience we craft, and every trip, near or far, which we intentionally design.

We don’t do vacations. We craft specific adventure and educational trips for our kids with the experiences, discussions, leadership opportunities, cultural interactions, and challenges which we want them to have — which we KNOW they NEED to have in order to become well-rounded, compassionate, capable, confident adults.

Every element is intentional — carefully crafted experiences that transform the way teens view the world — and meant to teach life lessons we know our they need.

Wouldn’t you agree that YOUR kids need experiences that transform the way they view the world?

Wouldn’t you LOVE a way to teach them everything on the bullet list above?

Worldschooling IS that way. For us, travel isn’t a luxury. It’s a TOOL we use to raise great teens who will become incredible adults. Teens NEED to go on trips like these. It truly is NOT optional.

I can’t imagine allowing our children to reach adulthood without providing AT LEAST ONE international experience (ideally at least one PER YEAR) that helps to expand their reality and challenge them mentally, physically, and emotionally.

They wouldn’t be properly prepared for life without experiences like that — experiences that you can’t find in a classroom or a book, and that are more REAL and TRANSFORMATIONAL because they happen outside their comfort zone and their little corner of the world.

Which is why my husband and I are willing to make any sacrifice to make them happen. It’s as important (if not more so) than their high-school graduation or college education.

Anyone who’s had experiences traveling will agree… right?

That’s why you NEED to travel with your family and why you NEED a bucket list.

Because ultimately it’s not about the bucket list destinations. It’s about the transformation you and your teen will experience (IF you travel the right way) through crafting experiences, exposure, challenges, PLUS mentoring!

Your teen NEEDS worldschoolling in their life. You owe it to them to gain a wider perspective of the world and their place in it.

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