Christmas on the road

Christmas on the road

In the past while preparing for the holidays I secretly yearned for a Christmas far away. Imagining how easy it might be… but torn from creating the magic around the festivities which meant so much to me.

Last year I still clung to the baking, decorating frenzy while living in an RV. It turned out so differently. The universe blew all my plans and taught me an incredible lesson on true simplicity and more joy than I could have hoped for.

This year without expectations our preparations unfolded like nothing I imagined. A few paper snowflakes, some twinkling lights, the smallest and happiest live little evergreen decorated in dollhouse sized glass ornaments and more magic in the air than before. I no longer stress about what’s for dinner and how many treats can I make. No mad ordering from Amazon. Now we just browse the Christmas markets of Mexico which vary from regions to region without the urge to buy.

Totally immersed in the local traditions, happenings while the temperature rises outside, unlike in any December before. Still the Christmas wonderland engulfed us with choirs singing merry songs on the Zocalo ( town center). Bands playing all the familiar songs. The lights decorating every surface trying to outdo each other, transport you to the magical feeling you get around the holidays. With month 19 marking time since we packed up and left our brick and mortar home, I got my wish to celebrate abroad. In one of my favorite places in Mexico, Oaxaca City.

Our little guy prepared a smorgasbord for Santa and the reindeers. He wished to indulge them in all sorts of goodies. Mandatory carrots just in case, fresh cucumbers, crunchy jicama for our four legged visitors pulling the sleigh. Santa gets a choice of beverages and a colorful plate. A slice of cranberry torte surrounded by every fruit we had at home. All washed and dried, prepared by our sweet hearted young man.

Here he is proudly sitting by his offering, photobombed by one of our travel companions, Melissa.

A closer look.

After a joyful day playing with his new toys, happily waiting for dinner.

Momentarily panic crossed my heart as my beloved husband thought to place this beeswax candle in a bunch of colorful firecrackers. “ oh they only fizzle and pop”- he said. When one lives in an RV this takes on a different meaning to me, but there was no need to worry and dinner went without a hitch.

Hope the rest of your holidays will be filled with joy and many wonderful moments.


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